Monday, August 11, 2008

Return From Washington

The Complete Tour

Well, it's been quiet for a while here in The White Room because I've been in the Great Pacific Northwest kayaking and climbing.

The two main chunks of the trip are posted here on the blog, both back-dated to the dates they occurred:

(1) Climbing on Mount Baker, via the Squak Glacier (July 23-27, 2008) for fun
(2) Kayaking in the San Juan Islands (August 3-9, 2008) for work

The overall trip was quite nice and especially apt since I am departing for Canada very shortly. Oddly enough, when I returned home, I had been away for long enough that I felt like I had never left. In other words, home seemed like a just another place to visit, with all the comfortable lovely benefits of actually being home.

Now all I have to do is wash laundry, pack all my stuff up, and move out of the country.... Woo-hoo!

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