Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank You!

On Creating

(Note that this originally appeared on the main site, reposted here on May 13th)

Well, my website has only been up and running for fewer than 6 months, and it appears that things are going well. My site as a whole sees nearly 3,000 hits a month, my Google Avalanche Advisory Gadget (GAAG) sees nearly 700 uses/reloads a week, and I've gotten lots of positive feedback on my Palm Pilot and GPS work.

And all I have to say is: "Wow, thanks!"

I really started this site mostly for myself, so I never actually expected to get this big at all, much less before the end of half a year. I know these numbers aren't much compared to other sites, but I'll take it.

And so, to make things easier on everyone, I've added this new section (my Journal) to keep my personal life separate from other world snow news. (I know there are people who read this site to keep tabs on me personally, but I'm pretty darn sure it's not 3,000 people a month.) Also, I've re-designed the structure so that my journal appears on Blogger so you can subscribe to it as a full-content feed, leave comments, etc.

As always, I love feedback of any sort. You can visit the About Me section of the site for my contact information. After all, I write the main site by hand in a basic Linux text editor (yes, CSS, RSS, scripts, and all) so even catching things like typos is appreciated.

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